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Front Steps
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The 6th day of February 2007


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Date: Tue 06-Feb-2007 18:16 pm
Subject: Front Steps
Whereabouts:38°38'56.40"N, 90°18'18.60"W
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Music of the moment:Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
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One of the interesting features of some of the older buildings around these parts is having steps up into rooms inside a building. Such a design for a public building is probably illegal these days--otherwise (awesome) robotic legs might've been perfected much sooner than now, and the government just can't handle that possibility. Anyway, another feature of this hallway is that there's a light for making part of the wall brighter (and/or illuminating an invisible bulliten board), and a third is that it's the picture of the day.

Crow Hallway
A hallway in Crow Hall
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kamoranakrre is still waiting for the perfection of (awesome) robotic eyes--not that burning eyes with lasers isn't a marvellous way of performing minor corrections.