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The Key is Consistency
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The 10th day of February 2007


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Date: Sat 10-Feb-2007 15:27 pm
Subject: The Key is Consistency
Whereabouts:38°38'11.20"N, 90°17'07.80"W
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Previously featured was the skyline of Saint Louis, Missouri. Today we see almost the same thing for the picture of the day.

The City of St Louis, Missouri
Skyline of the City of St Louis, Missouri from the west
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kamoranakrre decided it was about time there was a tag for The City and added one that has the "." for consistency with the Washington University tag. Of course, that makes it different from both skyline pictures...

Unlike the previous skyline picture, this one was taken from within the city limits. Is Forest Park more interesting than the Mississippi River?

The location listed on this entry is that red-roofed building, the World's Fair Pavilion--the Arch is another five and a half miles east of that.