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Precursors to Brown
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The 18th day of February 2007


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Date: Sun 18-Feb-2007 22:46 pm
Subject: Precursors to Brown
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Music of the moment:"Tap versus Chant" from Happy Feet
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Many aspiring crayon artists experiment with mixing colours (since 8, 16, 24, 36, 64, or 96 are certainly not enough!). The results of these efforts (for me, at least) are often a new and exciting shade of ugly brown. It's often remarkable what neat things can be created out of mundane objects; crayons have the ability to become both brown and the picture of the day.

Crayon Wheel
Crayons fashioned as a wreath
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kamoranakrre really wanted this entry to be Præcursors to Brown, but finally gave into Standard English's demands.