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A Tiny Piece of History
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The 19th day of February 2007


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Date: Mon 19-Feb-2007 16:25 pm
Subject: A Tiny Piece of History
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To enjoy our President's Day holiday, alataristarion and kamoranakrre embarked on a lengthy tour of the City of St Louis as well as the entire length of Lindbergh Boulevard today. Our journey took us down past The Brewery, so we thought we might take the tour. The tour operators, however, were enjoying their President's Day holidays, too, so we kept on going. ...but not before acquiring the picture of the day.

Police Station
Former St. Louis Metropolitan Police Station
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This isn't used as a police station any longer. The Metropolitan Police Department consolidated to a small handful of locations about a score of years ago.

Date:Sun 09-Sep-2007 07:07 am (UTC)
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Good times! We still need to go on the brewery tour...