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Schooling for Adventure on the High Seas
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The 20th day of February 2007


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Date: Tue 20-Feb-2007 13:45 pm
Subject: Schooling for Adventure on the High Seas
Whereabouts:38°38'56.30"N, 90°18'22.90"W
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Music of the moment:Ozomatli - Ya Viene El Sol
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It's EnWeek here on campus, and that apparently means, among other things, the picture of the day.

Here There Be Pirates
A skull-and-crossbones flag hangs from the archway of Sever Hall
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kamoranakrre thinks ninja would be cooler if they had a standard flag. ...and thinks the alternate plural ninjae is a good idea since English is awesome like that.

Ninjae are especially good at karaoke.