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The 8th day of March 2007


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Date: Thu 08-Mar-2007 22:11 pm
Subject: World-Famous?
Whereabouts:38°37'55.50"N, 90°18'20.00"W
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kamoranakrre and lcd_cow went to Del Taco, whose website is far noisier than their drive-through. While the latter got expected fare (quesadillas and tacos), the former decided to try the Shrimp and Papas (which, in this neck of the woods, rhymes fairly well with rappers!). Apparently said fathers potatoes are the picture of the day.

World Famous Crinkle Cut Fries
Del Taco - Home of the World Famous Crinkle Cut Fries
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Poll #1059269 Fame, Fortune, and Del Taco

Before reading this entry, did you know Del Taco had crinkle-cut french fries?

Yes, of course! They're World Famous!
Nope. That's interesting, though.
What's a Del Taco?

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