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The Other French City
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The 11th day of March 2007


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Date: Sun 11-Mar-2007 22:39 pm
Subject: The Other French City
Whereabouts:29°57'29.10"N, 90°03'47.40"W
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Music of the moment:John Denver - The City of New Orleans
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One of the things I like about St. Louis is its French heritage. (Not too many other American cities get such a chance to pronounce silent letters and shift vowels as we do!) One of the things I like about New Orleans is that its a Mississippi rivertown. We seem to have a lot in common with our neighbours downstream.

Speaking of New Orleans, Louisiana, kamoranakrre and lcd_cow are visiting for the day. At one point they stopped their touring to catch a song of these street performers of the picture of the day.

A Band of Musicians
A Band of Musicians
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Visual artists displaying their wares often post signs prohibiting photography. I hope they would agree that this photograph is fine, however.