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The 21st day of March 2007


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Date: Wed 21-Mar-2007 22:21 pm
Subject: How Useful...?
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My mobile phone recently died (or, more specifically, the screen did--making using it more difficult). Since, unfortunately, telephony is a useful thing, I now have a new one. One of the features it has is a camera so that I can take pictures at an astounding 640x480 resolution(!)

...There'd probably be a revolt if I started using it for the picture of the day.

Talking to the World
Mobile telephone and framed map of the world
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kamoranakrre is glad that, unlike many of the other "features" of this new phone, the camera's dedicated button doesn't add to the monthly bill if you press it.

Date:Mon 08-Oct-2007 05:01 am (UTC)
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Ha. I remember when I tried to call you when I was on Wash U campus.... Wanted to hang out.... You didn't answer phone.... Much sadness.

And 640x480 is plenty of pixels. It was enough for me to advance to the rank of Demigod!

What's funny is that now I play D3 online, and I totally suck at it.