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From Rosa Parks to Adlai Stevenson
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The 23rd day of March 2007


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Date: Fri 23-Mar-2007 22:28 pm
Subject: From Rosa Parks to Adlai Stevenson
Whereabouts:41°52'41.50"N, 87°37'34.00"W
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A few times in the past the Picture of the Day ventured south beyond the end of Interstate 55 to New Orleans, Louisiana. Today it ventures just beyond the other end into Chicago, Illinois. At evil_puffball's suggestion, he, kamoranakrre, and several others journeyed to the capital of the midwest to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. On the way out of town, out the side of a parking garage that costs more than a ticket to the St Louis Symphony, comes today's picture of the day.

Three El Trains
Three El Trains on a foggy night in Chicago
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Like seriously, the parking is almost twice per hour what I get paid at my current job!

Date:Sun 07-Oct-2007 20:04 pm (UTC)
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Ah, good times.

It was SO foggy driving out of there that night... boshjowman and I almost got killed at least three times on that trip. :)

Ah, how I hate chicago. That's right, chicago.

Good pizza, better orchestra, crappy town.