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Oh No! What Ever Shall We Do?
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The 24th day of March 2007


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Date: Sat 24-Mar-2007 20:29 pm
Subject: Oh No! What Ever Shall We Do?
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Here's a front-page headline from last Sunday's Post Dispatch for the picture of the day.

I-64 fears rev up
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What's everyone scared of? The New I-64! Why? Maybe it's because everyone knows and loves Highway 40 but they're not too sure about this whole Interstate thing?

I was just in Chicago yesterday where they're currently messing with the Dan Ryan, and somehow everyone managed to get where they were going. Somehow I suspect the same will be true when five miles of freeway are closed here in St Louis.

Unrelated, kamoranakrre really enjoys how colour on newsprint is accomplished with visible dots.