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My cousin just turned twenty-one years of age today. Among the things he can now do legally are purchase alcoholic beverages and take people's money at the poker table at the casinos.

After enjoying a meal$40+ Prime Rib at Kreis' on Lindbergh Blvd. (kamoranakrre certainly wasn't buying!), we ventured to one of those riverboats boats-in-a-moat buildings with water under them for a little fun and excitement.

I didn't gamble at all (though the only times I've played games for money I've won), so I had a net profit for the evening of 1¢ (which I found on the carpet). My cousin ended up with triple-digit winnings (including $100 at roulette of all things).

While we were inside, we kept asking various people (servers, customer service types, and even security guards) but nobody actually knew the policy on whether or not photography is permitted within the premises. The guard advised us to be cautious and not try it [Seriously, though, who's going to stop us if even the guards don't know the rules?], so instead of blinking nonsense you get a vast ocean of autos for the picture of the day.

Sea of Parking
A vast parking lot
800x600 (74 KB) · gallery page

...While we were walking around, a show began on the stage at the bar. Never have I seen such a sad display of people who are trying so hard to look like they're enjoying themselves while being on display for the gratuitous enjoyment of the imbibing public. I wonder if their mothers warn them their faces will get stuck like that.

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