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They'll Have "Fri" Stickers Next...

Occasionally, the City will revise its street-sweeping schedule. The signs warning against parking during the appointed hours then have to be changed. The simplest way is to make a little sticker to place over the old information with the new. Change it again? Another sticker! It also doesn't seem to matter much if the sticker would actually fit on the sign in the proper direction--just angle it like the picture of the day.

Any Given Wednesday
Sign: No Parking - First Wednesday of Month, Noon to 3:30PM
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kamoranakrre noticed that on the backs of some of these signs are signs for street sweeping twice a month instead of once. He doesn't know if they came from the same street but with cutbacks in the schedule or if they're transplanted.

Either way, this reuse is no match for the one county in Missouri that reuses the old cutout state highway markers for their county roads. (I don't recall which one, though if you do I'd be glad to be reminded!)

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