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Only Smiles When It Rains
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The 11th day of April 2007


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Date: Wed 11-Apr-2007 11:06 am
Subject: Only Smiles When It Rains
Whereabouts:38°38'47.00"N, 90°18'04.70"W
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Walking in the rain can be pretty enjoyable. Once the rainwater lands, however, maybe it's best for it to find its way into the soil, streams, and sewers. Though it also starts with "S", the sidewalk is probably not the best place for collecting rainwater. It does at least make for a shiny picture of the day.

Reflections on a Broken Sidewalk
Puddles on a cracked sidewalk
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kamoranakrre is a bit surprised that Washington University would allow such sidewalk conditions to persist, but this sidewalk and the main tree-lined walkway both have sections that quite are cracked and uneven. They probably just spent their entire outdoor maintenance budget on maintaining assorted flowers and grass from week to week?

[If they cut back on the landscaping a wee bit they could probably afford to build ridiculous things (e.g. lazy rivers) like other schools! ...Or at least beef up the fountain count!]