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"You're My Best Customer... Today"
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The 17th day of April 2007


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Date: Tue 17-Apr-2007 16:10 pm
Subject: "You're My Best Customer... Today"
Whereabouts:38°39'21.00"N, 90°18'15.40"W
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It appears that the Postal Service needed an advertising campaign. Apparently they're doing a set of Star Wars postage stamps. To promote this they've gone to such lengths as the picture of the day.

Droid on Delmar
R2-D2 Stickers cover a USPS mailbox on the street
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But that's not what kamoranakrre came to tell you about. ...Came to talk about the draft Free Cone Day! Ben & Jerry's gives away free ice cream every year. Today's the day for this year!

Last year when I went towards the end of the night, the manager was joking with a guy who had been through the line like 10 times. He said the quote which made it to the subject line. I'm not sure I want to eat 10 cones and scoops of ice cream in a day, even if it is free.