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That's Not Confusing at All...
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The 20th day of April 2007


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Date: Fri 20-Apr-2007 23:36 pm
Subject: That's Not Confusing at All...
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Although it was nice of them to make the coins "golden" to make them more distinguishable from quarters, putting George Washington's face on the front sure didn't help. Two dollars and two quarters appear in the picture of the day.

The Many Faces of George Washington
Two quarters, a dollar coin, and a dollar bill
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kamoranakrre still wouldn't mind if they brought back Eisenhower dollars. Maybe as a tribute to the Interstate turning fifty-something? No?

Date:Wed 09-Apr-2008 08:48 am (UTC)
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RYN: Its sounds like you've been very busy then! I also play at being in a rock band, although less frequently now that university work is getting serious.

So you've left student life and have entered the 'real world'? I hope its not too different. Myself, I'm longing for the days when I have a home and a car!

Apparently British money is heading for a make-over, although with our inability as a people to change anything, it probably will never happen!