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An Announcement
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The 22nd day of April 2007


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Date: Sun 22-Apr-2007 23:47 pm
Subject: An Announcement
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I recently received a fancy card with some Latin text on it. It reminds me of New Orleans because that city has plaques all around it that hyphenate the word Luisiana to wrap it to two lines. It also reminds me of a headline in The Onion: WA- (Headline continued on page 2.). Of course, neither of those have a fancy 'A', and neither of those is the picture of the day.

Love Conquers All
Amor Vincit Omnia
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kamoranakrre has always appreciated the amazing flexibility of Latin word order.

Date:Mon 06-Oct-2008 01:32 am (UTC)
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Whoooooooo! Pictures of the day!