Kamoranakrre T. Eyaelitenan (kamoranakrre) wrote,
Kamoranakrre T. Eyaelitenan

The Exception

Almost all the new buildings on campus have a very similar architectural style. Yet over in the art school, they did things completely differently. I really only have occasion to visit this section when looking for books of historical photographs of the city. (Apparently for the vast part of the twentieth century nobody was regularly posting pictures on the Internet. For some reason, they favoured making large books, if you can imagine!) So, yes, anyway, where were we? Oh--the picture of the day.

Artful Walkway
A walkway outside the art school
600x800 (122 KB) · gallery page

Although it's stategically partially obscured by a column (and the exposure time) in this picture, kamoranakrre always imagines this scene is a Coca-Cola advert since there's a lit machine on the third floor right in the middle of the windowed stairwell. Maybe sometime if he's thinking about it, he'll take a picture that captures that effect.

Tags: mind the step, of the day, pictures, potent potables, washington university in st. louis

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