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A Fair Use

Although I took this picture with my own camera, it contains the trademark of a company. They'd probably get mad at me (and sue) if I print off copies of this picture and slapped them on the side of a product. (Furthermore, if they didn't sue, they could lose their trademark--even if it's a suit they ended up losing.) However, I hope they don't sue, 'cause I'm using this logo nominatively. Though he may not rank as highly as a certain Admiral, most people I've consulted would prefer to see this Captain on their bottle, and possibly in the picture of the day.

Captain Morgan
600x800 (140 KB) · gallery page

The contents of this bottle were more useful yesterday when OK Go and Reel Big Fish came to town for the semiannual W.I.L.D., but kamoranakrre hasn't figured out how to send liquids through the Internet so this picture will have to do for tonight.

Tags: of the day, pictures, potent potables

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