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Cupples I, III
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The 1st day of May 2007


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Date: Tue 01-May-2007 16:39 pm
Subject: Cupples I, III
Whereabouts:38°38'54.90"N, 90°18'21.20"W
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Music of the moment:System of a Down - Aerials
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It's another May Day. When I was younger, I wondered why someone would shout "May Day!" when they were in trouble. Leave it to English to steal a French word and then make its only difference from another thing be a space. I guess that's more than we sometimes get!

I couldn't tell you how many pictures I've taken from this room or of this building or anything, but this is the third in a chain of photos that have become the picture of the day.

Concrete Corner Circle
Concrete balcony railing
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Astute readers will remember seeing the different perspective on this location from Spring W.I.L.D. 2006 (the entry for which mentions another photograph taken from this spot).

kamoranakrre doesn't want to hear anything about how this is a sphere and not a circle. He passed Geometry back in the day--really! This is the window of the math lounge, even. If sphere started with a "C" he'd be all over it. This photograph isn't three-dimensional, anyway.