Kamoranakrre T. Eyaelitenan (kamoranakrre) wrote,
Kamoranakrre T. Eyaelitenan

Marking Territory...with a Marker!

You've seen plenty of pictures from my frequent walks up and down Skinker Boulevard. Today brings another one! There isn't much in the way of graffiti around this section of town. However there is or was someone once who thought tagging "Flux" onto signs and mailboxes and things was a good time. Here's an example for the picture of the day.

Pedestrian Flux
Diamond road sign: Yield to Pedestrians, with graffiti tag "Flux"
600x800 (133 KB) · gallery page

kamoranakrre never really liked the game Fluxx. There's so much silliness in that game; enough that there's really nothing left to strategy. When I do find myself playing, I just try to cause as many crazy things to happen as I can rather than try to win. It's a little more fun that way, though still silly.

Tags: of the day, pictures, roads and signs, the city of st. louis

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