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A Computer is Not a Toaster
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The 6th day of May 2007


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Date: Sun 06-May-2007 18:59 pm
Subject: A Computer is Not a Toaster
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A toaster is an appliance that you can buy at the store. You would never think to order the parts for a toaster and make one yourself. On the other hand, a computer is comprised of a set of standard interchangeable parts. The first computer I ever built is not for me (though I'll get around to that at some point). I've watched lcd_cow and alataristarion build computers for people for awhile. More recently I've helped with some. More recently still I did it on my own, building a computer for etherealsquid (while he sat and watched). It took all afternoon, but it works!

The moral of the story is, if you open up a toaster, it doesn't look like the picture of the day.

Some Assembly Required
A fan and some wiring over a motherboard
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No endorsement of or by kamoranakrre is implied by or through the use of any trademarks that might appear in this image. However, Intel really blew it on the 64-bit front.